Fighter: Shawn Yacoubian
Birth Name: Shahan Yacoubian
Nationality: American Armenian
Birth Date: April 24, 1977 / Age 33
Manager / Agent: N/A
Trainers: Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham, Rick "The Mongoose" O'Kane, Kru Nokweed Sriampai, Eddie Levine
Division: Welterweight
Stance: Orthodox / Southpaw
Height: 5'6 / 168cm
Height: 5'6 / 168cm
Alias: The Don
Country: America
Residence: Van Nuys, Ca USA
Birth Place: Pasadena, Ca USA
Date Fight Weight Promotion Title Style Opponent Record Location Result Details Number of Round
3/2/2013 160 Pushkick None Muay Thai Josh Aragon   Pomona Fairplex Pomona, Ca L UD 3 of 3
5/1/2008 147 WCK IKKC California Light Welterweight Muay Thai Freddie Medrano   San Manuel Casino San Bernardino, Ca L UD 5 of 5
11/19/2007 145 WCK IKKC California Light Welterweight Young Guns Championship Muay Thai Joe Sarkissian   San Manuel Casino San Bernardino, Ca W SD 4 of 4
11/10/2007 146 Guate WBC Ranking Muay Thai Ben Yelle   The Coliseum Guatemala City, Guatemala L SD 5 of 5
12/16/2006 147 Lights Out Light Welterweight Muay Thai Chike Lindsay 0-0-0 KO's Hollywood Park Casino Inglewood, Ca L UD 5 of 5
8/23/2005 150 WKL WKL World Muay Thai Title Muay Thai Trevor Samandych 19-2-9 KO's Stetson Fairgrounds, Vancouver BC Canada L UD 5 of 5
9/11/2004 142 WCK Young Guns Muay Thai Michael Mananquil 9-0-2 KO's Plaza Casino, Las Vegas, NV L TKO 2 of 5
11/22/2003 142 WCK None Mod.Muay Thai Joe Sarkissian 1-1-1 KO's San Bernardino Fairgrounds Victorville, Ca NC NC 3 of 5
8/24/2003 147 IMTO US Welterweight Mod. Muay Thai RaKarma Young 10-2-2 KO's Table Mountain Casino Fresno, Ca L UD 5 of 5
1/11/2003 142 WCK Young Guns Mod. Muay Thai Jason Fenton 39-13-12 KO's Crystal Park Casino Compton, Ca W UD 5 of 5
8/15/2002 142 K-1 None Mod. Muay Thai Marcos Matamorous 17-3-1-12 KO's Bellagio Hotel/Casino Las Vegas, NV W UD 3 of 3
6/2/2002 150 WCK IKKC Jr. Middleweight Mod. Muay Thai Steve Delfurio 10-1-1-5 KO's Del Mar Fairgrounds San Bernardino, Ca W KO 4 of 5
4/3/2002 142 K-1 None Kickboxing Scott Thorson 20-5-4 KO's Mirage Hotel/Casino Las Vegas, NV W KO 2 of 5